Brian Kelk


Name:                          Brian Kelk
Location:                      Cambridge, UK
Contact address:               hello at

I might understand:            French German Russian; Spanish
Computing environment:         Linux; Mac
Favourite Guatemalan site:     Xmakabatun

I have a page on phonetic alphabets (Alpha Bravo), wordlists (and word frequency) and texts.

I also have a page of miscellaneous links.

A selection of pictures: view one or all.
Random colours 1 | random colours 2 | primaries | secondaries | tertiaries | autumn | sunset

Link of the day: Inside Corona.


Gopher lives.
MIDI of prelude 17.
Pixls (photography).
Voting in California.
Unicode 8.0.
Buran images.
Reverse-engineered Polish.
Unicode 7.0 (pause stop record; Linear A).
Benedictus XVI ministerio renuntiavit. Benedictus XVI ministerio renuntiavit.
Cables around Africa.
Solution for projectile with resistance.
Browser support for video and audio in HTML5.
IPv6 enabled websites.
Cape Canaveral and Cape Kennedy.
These are the days of lasers in the jungle.
Luminous sorbet and ice cream from Neptune.

If you're trying to trace ancestors named Kelk you could
try here or here or here or here or here or even here (which some of the time thinks it's here).

All I ask is a cloaked ship and a black hole to steer her by